Welcome to my new blog

Hey guys, welcome to my new website Food Poisoning Remedies.

I’ll have to admit.  I am exciting about this blog.

The joy is helping and educating others is pretty cool.

Just to think people ca go to their computer, get online, search for something and withing seconds your answers are there.

WOW.  That is cool.

So this site is dedicated to those who need help when it come to eating food.

We will discuss what to look out for when ordering.  Where you should eat.  Review of different restaurants, bars, fast food, diners, etc….

If by chance you have a food allergy or medical condition that may or may not harm you or have an reaction this site can help you.

Let’s Get Started.

Here is a list you need to answer.

These are in no particular order.

You need to write down thew following.

Are you allergic to any food(s)?

Are you diabetic?

Do you take any medications?

Are you lactose intolerant?

Do you eat meat?

Are you a vegan?

How is your health?  Do you have heart disease?  High cholesterol?


These are very important questions regarding your health and determining what and where you should eat.

I would like you to consider yourself lucky in finding our site.

Here is what you will find:

Lists of common foods that are most likely to give you food poisoning.

What to look for before eating these certain foods?

Major cities restaurant, diners, fast food places, bars, etc… reviews of their menus and our recommendations of what and what what not to eat.

Reviews of major cities attractions such as (baseball parks, football stadiums, basketball arenas, movie theatre’s, etc….) what theit is to eat and what you should avoid.

SO, stay tuned and visit often because it’s about to get real up in this blog.

Get your facts straight, eat smart, eat healthy and avoid any food poisoning along the way!

Thanks and we (The FPR team) looks forward to helping you and your family be smart on what you put into your body.

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