So what’s up with all this Gluten Free crap!

Gluten free, gluten free, gluten free…….

If I hear someone say this one more friggin time.

I think I’m going to stab someone.

WTF.  Why all of a sudden is the world on this gluten free roller coaster.

I have this co-worker who all she friggin talks about is this Gluten free stuff.

I mean come on already.

What the heck did you eat before you joined the cult of Gluten Free.

What the heck is Gluten anyway?

Okay.  Let me start out by saying this.

Gluten is only bad for you – IF you are allergic to it.

Let me say this one more time.

Gluten is only bad for you – Only IF you are flippin allergic to it.

SO if you are NOT allergic to it.  WTF are you worried about.

Sorry for my colorful language but seriously.

People are friggin crazy and its pissing me the heck off.

Just because you read some crazy article on yahoo’s front page- you think it is the end all be all.

Let me tell you something.  Dr. Yahoo isn’t the medical bible.

Get a clue.  Do some more research and oh here’s a CRAZY idea.

Consult with your doctor!!!!

WOW that would make a lot of sense.

So, do me a favor?  Sit back. relax. and let me break it down very easily for you.

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