Hey there

Hope all is well.

I wanted to share with you our nite out with my brother and sister in law when we visited them in chicago.

Lets start out by saying.  Damn its cold in chicago.  Why the heck do people live here? It is so flippin cold.

So our flight was good.  No delays.  Comfortable seating.  The food wasn’t that good.  The snacks tasted better than the food.

We land at midway airport.  My brother in law picks us up.

They live in Lisle illinois which is an chicagoland suburb.  close to i88 which is a major express way.

We get to there house.  Have few drinks and snacks (gluten free of course.)  and yes it all tasted like cardboard.

It was really nice to see them.  We hadn’t seen them in a while.

After a long morning, the flight and drive from  midway to lisle.  We were TIRED.  We need a nap.  Especially if we were going out to dinner.

So after a few hours of sleep.  We were ready for a nice dinner.

We all took showers.  The guys were ready right away.  But the girls took a while.  Hair, makeup, etc….

So of course my brother in law and I started with the cocktails.  Why not?   I’m on a mini vacation.  I should be able to have a good time.

After a few drinks we were feeling a little buzzed.  My brother in law and sister in law inform us that they rented a limo with www.luxlimosnaperville.com to take us to dinner to downtown chicago.  They live right next to naperville so the limo place was close.  They were recommended by a friend and to be honest they had a coupon for $100 off for the limo.  I didn’t care we could drink and not have to worry about drinking and driving.


So the limo arrives.  Man it was nice.  Clean and fully stocked with a crap load of liquour.

We head out for oyur drove into downtown.  Music playing, drinks going down very smoothly.  The nite was starting out great.

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